Enabling Human Interaction with the Ocean

Discovering the last unexplored frontier on Earth, Terradepth is using unmanned submersibles to generate the first holistic picture of the subsea environment.

Technology for a Clearer Brighter Richer Smarter Happier Better Certain Sustainable Informed Future

Fully autonomous subsea missions.

Our high-tech unmanned submersibles are changing the way that ocean data is collected.

By eliminating the need for humans onboard, our systems travel farther, deeper, and for longer periods of time, exploring never-before-seen corners of the sea. We're collecting a repository of scalable, cost-efficient data that will inform and transform every industry with a connection to our oceans. From predicting atmospheric weather patterns, to building underwater energy and telecom infrastructures, to protecting and ensuring the future of our coastal communities, Terradepth is changing the way we interact with the ocean.

Ocean Data that Innovates for Key Decision-Making Revolutionized Transformed in 3D You Can Interact With On Scale

Interaction with the ocean just got virtual.

Our high-resolution, scalable, deep-ocean data collection services bring light to new discoveries by transforming numbers and dots into interactive 3D visualizations (point clouds).

The possibilities and impacts are endless, as machine learning technology filters, organizes, and prioritizes complex data at rapid speed. Intelligently and accurately surveilling the ocean floor and water column provides key decision-makers with critical data, allowing us to follow and observe changes in the ocean environment and pinpoint targets for action.

Exploring Creating Learning Dreaming Investigating Interacting Discovering Navigating Mapping Deciphering Looking Travelling Under the Sea

Ocean-obsessed Visionaries

Our tight-knit team of engineers, scientists, roboticists, machine learning gurus and US Navy veterans are united by our vision to become the foremost influencer on human interaction with the ocean. Powered by our fleet of autonomous submersibles and revolutionary data collection and interpretation services, we're demonstrating that a deeper understanding of the ocean is on the horizon.

Developing a better relationship with our oceans is critical to the sustainable future of our planet. Terradepth aims to be at the forefront of fostering an expansive, in-depth understanding of the sub-sea environment.