Ocean data faster, greener, and cheaper

Building fleets of robots. Launching fleets of robots. Easy data management.

Increasing Operational Efficiency Promoting Innovation Improving Collaboration in Key Industries

Better Maritime Decision Making Now

  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Maritime Services
  • Government

Ocean Data that Innovates for Key Decision-Making Revolutionized Transformed in 3D You Can Interact With On Scale

Ocean Data as a Service

  • Long-endurance AUV
  • Low-logistics survey services
  • Geospatial data management

Exploring Creating Learning Dreaming Investigating Interacting Discovering Navigating Mapping Deciphering Looking Travelling Under the Sea

Ocean-obsessed Visionaries

Developing a better relationship with our oceans is critical to the sustainable future of our planet. Terradepth is at the forefront of fostering an expansive, in-depth understanding of the sub-sea environment.