About Us

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."
-Jacques Cousteau


Terradepth is increasing human interaction with the ocean by sending our high-tech autonomous submersibles farther, longer and deeper than any human being has gone before. Collecting comprehensive, high-resolution ocean data empowers society with information and knowledge crucial to the sustainable advancement of a variety of key industries. Immersive, virtual marine information can assist with projects in sectors such as global telecom, clean energy, national security and many more. By turning Earth’s oceans into an immersive and accurate virtual world, we can connect humanity with the last unexplored frontier on our planet.


Humans have been exploring the seas for as long as we’ve been a species, yet still only 5% of the ocean has been precisely mapped and understood. Terradepth is changing the way we experience the ocean, with high-tech virtual modeling tools that let users explore and interact with our underwater environment like never before.


Terradepth’s founders, Joe Wolfel and Judson Kauffman, learned firsthand just how dark and unknown the ocean is when they met in the Navy in 2004. Through their training and deployments, it became clear to them just how much of the ocean is yet to be discovered. A continued thirst for adventure, exploration and purpose drives their desire to dive deeper. With the launch of Terradepth, they seek to create a meaningful picture of the ocean that will advance complex decision-making and enable extraordinary discoveries.


Terradepth’s unique unmanned submersible technology will enable cost-effective, detailed data-capture that, when paired with big data analytics and machine learning, will offer new insights into our oceans. Persistent surveillance of our subsea environment by our fleet of autonomous submersibles will enable researchers and conservationists to observe patterns in our underwater ecosystems that were previously undetectable. By continuously populating Terradepth’s cloud-based information portal, we aim to enhance humanity’s relationship with the ocean, its ecosystems and marine life. Rekindling humanity's connection to the sea, Terradepth aims to empower the protection of our planet and advance the sustainable future of our climate.

Our People

Joe Wolfel

Chief Executive Officer

Kris Rydberg

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Lunstad

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Burcham

SVP of Business Development, Government and Defense

Siri de Lange

VP of Product

Steve DeLory

VP of Engineering

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