Scaling seabed intelligence for undersea dominance

Data Superiority

Our Ocean Data as a Service (ODaaS) operating model utilizes the most innovative contractor-owned robotics and our data management solution to deliver best-in-class ocean data at Petabyte scale in near real-time. We offer maximum force multiplication with our vertically integrated end-to-end solution for defense.

UUV Survey Missions

Expeditionary Seabed Survey

  • Responsive seabed data collection and search
  • Littoral IPOE

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Periodic monitoring of seabed cables and pipelines
  • Anomaly detection and characterization

Absolute Ocean

Secure Data Management and Sharing

  • Retain government data in secure cloud storage
  • Share and collaborate in real-time

Change Over Time Detection

  • Compare datasets gathered over time to detect change