PopCorners swaps meth for chips in nostalgia-fueled ‘Breaking Bad’ Super Bowl ad

The connection isn’t immediately clear. Just what does a crime drama, known for its brutal violence and depiction of the drug trade, have in common with a better-for-you snack?

Honestly, no one cares. All that matters is that somehow, Frito-Lay convinced Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston to be Jesse and Walt one more time, a decade after Breaking Bad ended. Oh, and don’t forget Tuco Salamanca.

  • The gag here is, of course, swapping
  • out the meth for air-popped chip snacks.
  • Frito-Lay couldn’t have come up with a
  • better strategy to gain attention for its lesser-known, but fastest-growing, snack brand.

Super Bowl advertising isn’t an exact science, but tapping into nostalgia for a cult favorite pop-culture hit is a well-trodden Big Game formula. Remember 2020’s Jeep Groundhog Day spot with Bill Murray? Or last year, when Chevy recreated the Sopranos intro, T-Mobile reunited Scrubs stars, and GM went full Wayne’s World with Dr. Evil?


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