Terradepth at a Glance

Tasked Ocean Data in 48 Hours—Anywhere in the World


TERRADEPTH has created a new generation of deep ocean, low-cost Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS), with superior payload capacity, advanced autonomy and machine learning capability. The UMS possesses the sensor performance of industry-leading Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) while persisting for one month, not hours or days. The UMS will eliminate the use of a large manned surface vessel and significantly reduce the need for human-supervised survey operations and data processing.


TERRADEPTH’S Ocean Data as a Service (DaaS) model allows users of a wide range of ocean information to contract for mission planning, tracking, storage, processing and delivery of ocean data as useable information without making the capital and personnel investments typically required to acquire and process that data. This service makes ocean data more accessible and reduces the cost of gathering and delivering useable ocean information by over 50% in most cases and up to 75% in many cases.


Our highly intelligent Unmanned Maritime System (UMS) removes the need for human supervision during deep ocean data collection operations. The system is deep-ocean rated and powers a large payload of sensors, enabling TERRADEPTH to collect diverse data sets at very high resolution with market leading endurance for its cost. The UMS can operate as both a surface vessel and a sub-surface vessel.


TERRADEPTH’S proprietary software enables unprecedented levels of autonomy. The UMS is capable of re-tasking itself based on incoming data streams with no human-in-the-loop. The UMS is also equipped with a proprietary form of software processing for raw data that facilitates industry-leading subsea computer inference capability.


Our data system is vertically integrated, with its infrastructure designed to leverage the state of the art in IoT. Our system includes data collection, processing, storage, and delivery. We also have a utilitarian data search and visualization portal assisted by machine learning. Customers can download and process data either raw (blockchain protected) or translated for their software, use Terradepth’s machine learning-based processing, or efficiently use 3rd party software running in secure isolation on cloud servers via APIs and sandboxed workflows.


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